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Collaborating with beauty brands in all categories, Knauer Never caters its services to best address the unique needs of each individual or business. Knauer Never offers both itemized services and contractual partnerships to work with any request in the areas of beauty brand consulting, custom fragrance creation, and olfactive art.  Whether you are seeking a custom perfume for yourself or a business plan for your start-up brand, Knauer Never exists to conceptualize, create and captivate.

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Julia Davis received her perfumery training at the prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery located in the South of France. Studying under luminaries like Jean-Claude Ellena and Max Gaverry, Julia completed intensive courses in natural and synthetic raw materials; fragrance composition; international regulation, evaluation, marketing, perfume language and classification; and analysis technologies of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. In addition she apprenticed with a fine fragrance perfumer at Mane, France, and received fragrance teaching from both Firmenich and Symrise, two industry leaders. Julia has completed projects for beauty brands ranging from start-up to global companies, along with all the major fragrance houses. She has created olfactive installations both locally and abroad, and has written scent editorials for a variety of publications.