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The world of beauty is a saturated place and one of constant change. Knauer Never works with brands – from start-up to established – anywhere along the spectrum of concept to development, distribution to expansion. We create brands that stand out and stay standing.


Product Development: direct new product development (sourcing of suppliers, R&D, evaluation of product submissions, negotiation & planning of minimum order quantities, costs, testing, timeline, product features/textures/benefits) in coordination with CEO; verify supplier invoices; generate internal purchase orders.

Global Strategic Planning: tracking & organize global sales & strategic growth analysis; identify product & retail initiatives; research, report, & forecast market trends based on cultural tendencies/behaviors & geographic location.

Marketing & Branding: develop brand identity, key concepts, repeatable messaging, taglines, & target consumer; formulate individual marketing campaigns & promotional strategies; create and support marketing structure across all platforms including web, ecommerce, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, etc.

Retailer/Distributor Management: process & validate purchase orders; track shipment progress, ready-date, & missing products; handle shipment issues such as damaged goods, credit notes, & missing products; input data for individual retailer/distributor systems; conduct weekly check-ins on needs/concerns; send partners assets & information (product imagery, campaign collages, press releases, product specifications, pricing/measurements, etc.); execute promotional planning & marketing assistance with retailers/distributors to increase sales & brand awareness; develop in-store training manuals & methods.

Logistics Support: review & transfer all incoming orders; proof & confirm proformas (pricing, currency, quantities, etc.) sent from logistics; manage communication, timeline, & follow-up for all orders.

Financial/Legal Support: supervise company budget, & financial planning; send wire transfers & proof of payment to suppliers; conduct retailer payment follow-up; tracking of cash flow & upcoming payments due; send monthly reports to representative with retailer/distributor invoices, packing lists & custom documentation.

Public Relations Support: create fragrance briefs & product press releases; oversee transfer of assets & information with brand partners; develop techniques for product storytelling & brand history.

Administrative Support: financial planning, new product development, supplier sourcing, new distribution, asset transfer, inventory management, sales goals & milestones, file maintenance, & weekly distillation of key items & global brand perspective.


Vilhelm Parfumerie, Zensation Beaute, Caswell Massey, Eutopie Parfums, Long by Valery Joseph, Pink Holiday Lipsticks, Boyfriend by Kate Walsh, Laura Mercier Gourmand Collection